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If you are 70 1/2 or older, you can help Divine Word Missionaries, without incurring federal tax income on the withdrawal from a traditional IRA account.  Society of the Divine Word, Chicago Province is a non-profit organization and is supported primarily by contributions of people of good will. Donations made to the Society qualify as charitable deductions under the IRS Code 501 (c)(3). Our Federal Identification Number as well as further information are available upon request.

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What is a Divine Word Charitable Gift Annuity?


A Divine Word Charitable Gift Annuity is a simple contract between you and SVD Funds, Inc. (Society of the Divine Word).

In exchange for your irrevocable gift of cash, securities, or other assets, SVD Funds, Inc. agrees to pay you, or another person whom you name, a fixed sum for life.


The Benefits:

  • A percentage of your gift annuity can be deducted as charitable contribution.

  • A portion of the annual income received is also tax-free.

  • Annuitants share not only in the Society’s work but also in its graces and blessings.

  • Annuitants are remembered in the prayers and Masses offered by Divine Word Missionaries worldwide and are automatically enrolled in the Society’s Mission Mass League.

IRA Charitable Rollover

The Board of Directors of the American Council on Gift Annuities:  introduction of HR 5171, The Legacy IRA.
The bill extends the right of American taxpayers to use portions of their Individual Retirement Accounts to fund Charitable works through a non-profit religious organization during their lifetime. This compliments and completes the provisions of the PATH Act of 2015 which made the use of IRA assets for lifetime outright gifts permanent.
Click here for a copy of the Bill and click here for a full discussion of its implications for your donors.
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